A little boy


Meet Ben. He was a 14 year old kid like anybody on Mulligan street, a cookie cutter row of tract housing ending in a cul–de–sac called home. A little lost, a little lonely, and a lot anxious. There was nothing special about him, though, not really. Seems like a long time ago, now.

Life got complicated for Ben when he stopped living. He’s still here, still moving, but he’s not himself. Not entirely. Something else lurks inside him, something that keeps him living long after it killed him. He fights that as well as he can… when he can.

An angel like no other


Acceptance. The Reaper. The Death. There are many names for the angel protecting Ben, but right now he goes by Nathan. Feared amongst angels, he is an ice–cold killer with a merciless reputation. Yet when Ben begged for his life, this ancient spirit stayed its hand.

It was a selfish mistake.

By the time Nathan understood that, it was far too late.


An inhuman war


Good and evil? Good luck getting anyone to agree on what that is. Michael’s army enforces Law, lives by obedience and a calling to protect order. The Three Legions fight to protect their own, refusing to align with causes and proclamations of righteousness. The Marat scatter, fallen and exiled into a world they love, hate, covet and despise. Hell creeps around the edges, waiting for opportunities to snatch the vulnerable away. Humanity has always been a bystander to this conflict— central to the argument but rarely allowed to get involved.

That has begun to change.

About the Malakhim series

Our angels and the world they live in

It’s not as though mankind has never noticed it. There are legends across all cultures and time periods. Stories of strangers walking amongst us. People who don’t quite belong. People with a perspective that doesn’t quite match up to the life they’ve lived, or the circumstances they’ve been exposed to.

Maybe they were never human at all.

The Malakhim story draws from tales of these creatures, from world mythology and even local legend. It is a fantasy interwoven with our own spirituality, our own take on the world we live in and what is beyond it. We do not in any way intend to mock or otherwise offend any religion. We respect any and all religion to the extent it respects itself and others. We believe any worship is holy so long as it does not victimize anyone, and we do our best to treat various faiths with respect. This is not a religious tale, but a personal one— the story of Ben’s journey alongside an angel they call “The Death.”

The reader is invited into Ben’s experience, thrust into a strange and sometimes alienating tale. Bit by bit alongside our little hero, the story pieces together an understanding not just of what is happening, but of what has happened before. The series has been mapped out from beginning to end, and each book plays a vital role in the overall tale. Reading back may change the reader’s perspective on what has already transpired, and what is soon to come.

The Malakhim series requires reader discretion. The subject matter— facing down the destruction of life and soul— is harsh, and so is the language. We see greater obscenity in pretending words matter more than the truth behind them. The violence is never gratuitous, but it can be intense at times. We ask parents to be involved in what their kids are reading, and keep anyone too young from reading our books. We do not want to traumatize anyone, so we offer this blanket warning for our books: do not read them if there are things written that you are not ready to face. This is a horror series. We have no wish to hurt or offend anyone, though of course it can’t be avoided. All we can do is ask you not to expose yourself to things which will upset you, if what we’re offering is not to your taste.

The Malakhim series is offered for free. This is not an introductory offer, with sequels offered at charge. The main series itself is entirely free, though we reserve all rights to it and its characters. We certainly do intend to offer extras and side stories for money when opportunity presents itself, in order to defray our costs— however, that will never be necessary to understand the main tale. The main tale is a labor of love, a promise kept despite all odds. All we ask is that you enjoy it.

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Little Ben

Dead, but not quite gone.

A little slow to bloom, a little out of step with life himself. Once, so very human. Now, so very lost. An anxious little boy who never really figured out his life before it was taken from him. When an angel came to collect him, that angel was nothing like what Ben expected. Ben begged for a little more time. He didn’t want to be dead. He didn’t feel dead. He felt like nothing. He felt like he’d never managed to be anything, to anyone. He didn’t want to be nothing forever.

Ben begged for his life, and the angel showed him mercy. The angel gave Ben a little more time, to prepare himself and make peace with his end. It proved to be a terrible mistake. A great evil had killed the boy, and it took control of him from within. The angel was unprepared for such a foe. By the time the angel realized that, the evil had already won.

Painfully aware of his part in Nathan’s peril, Ben does his best to keep up with the angel. He navigates the confusion of his afterlife bit by bit, slowly piecing together his understanding of Heaven and earth. He never found his place in it before he died, but he hopes to find a place in it before he is finally gone.

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The angel of Acceptance

There are many names given the spirit dwelling within Nathan. The one he hears most often is “Makhvet”, or “The Death.” He knows full well that this is because he, unlike his brothers, takes on the task of killing with neither hesitation nor remorse. It is not in him to struggle with what must be done. In a human life he experiences things like regret, remorse, and a host of other difficult to understand emotions. At his core, however, he remains the soulless killer he is portrayed to be.

That is why the decision to spare Ben was such a strange one. His justification was sound enough— the situation offered him a rare glimpse at the evil that animated puppets like Ben. Still, the cruelty of the boy’s existence could not be ignored. By then Nathan’s justifications no longer mattered. He has to care for Ben, at least for now.

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War in Heaven

Being waged on the earth

It began with the desperation to understand these strange, irrational, terrified creatures called Man. Descending into human form, adopting human life, was supposed to answer the unanswerable questions. It actually answered very little, but it allowed eternal creatures something they had never before possessed. The ability to willingly forget, for a time, all the things which haunted them. The ability to hide behind the barriers of psychology and denial, to bury their perspectives in little capsules of life that began and ended.

As angels fell from grace, more and more of them joined the lost and wandering. They hid from their guilt, from their shame, from their sins. They could not hide from their true nature. Soulless creatures roamed amongst humankind, some taking out their half–buried pain on the living world around them.

Some come to earth to hunt these fallen spirits. Others come to earth to find those who are lost. When they meet, recognition often turns to conflict. Titans find one another, clash, and destroy one another. So it has been for nearly all of human history.

Except, things have begun to change.

Suddenly humankind— carefully insulated from this fight until now— is being drawn into the war. Empty vessels have long been possessed and used, but now they are being emptied out by force. People are becoming puppets for an evil no one can name. What spirit is crossing lines on such a scale? Is it a faction or just a single massive power? Twisted creatures filled with venom are never far from these puppets. What are they? What is this venom which corrupts the blood, breaks down spirit and vessel as though they were one?

No one can answer these questions yet. Few even have suspicions. Most are at a loss.

Ben may be key to understanding what created him. Nathan seems to think so. Whatever it is Nathan suspects, though, it is a heavy burden he bears alone. Follow their journey and uncover these secrets with them through the Malakhim series here.