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About Malakhim

Call them whatever you will. Malakhim. Angels. Avatars. Tenshi. Most of their names convey the same idea. They are messengers.

Throughout the world, across all cultures, there is a shared belief that the spiritual world has its messengers, spirits which reach across from the unseen world into the living edge of Creation. The Malakhim story draws many iterations of that belief together, as well as other facets of mythology, and adds a little lore of its own. In the end, like any other story, it is a look inside the personal mythology of the author-- in this case a slightly addled but good-hearted artist. The Malakhim story takes a personal theology and weaves a fantasy around it, a what-if tale intended to reach out to one particular virtue-- the spirit of Acceptance.

Should you decide to read this tale, you should not expect our angels to act in a way consistent with any religion. We respect all religions, to the extent they respect themselves and others. We believe faith is important, and that faith should not be so brittle as to be threatened by those who question it. It is not our intent to attack nor to offend any religion, although some individuals may be offended. If you are offended, we deeply apologize, and ask that you find something more appropriate to read. Individuals within the story will have their own belief systems, their own opinions. The views expressed by the characters in the context of these stories are intended as the views of fictional characters, and do not represent the views of Malakh Studios nor its employees.

We rate ourselves extremely harshly with SafeSurf, but there is no replacement for parental guidance. Malakhim deals with topics like death, violence, spiritual destruction, pain, sin, and loneliness. It is not intended for children. It is also not intended to sate anybody's appetite for any kind of abuse. If you're here to see anyone abused or exploited for gratification, you're in the wrong place. We do not put up with that. We do not put up with anybody who even assists in distributing abuse-promoting materials, which is why we will never be making our books Kindle-friendly.

However, if you're here to explore ideas of spirituality, here to listen to the songs of an eternal universe and sing back to them, if you're here because you feel the stir of angels' wings in a world you believe can't be as empty as mankind thinks it is, you just might be in the right place. If you like to read, a lot, and you've run out of things that actually move you or reach a place in you that still believes, you may be in the right place. If you have an open mind, and would like to look into the mind of someone else for a while, you might well be in the right place. If you want a story that can make you cry, chances are you might be in the right place.

Please, for our sake, keep in mind this story is a FANTASY. There are elements of real mythology woven into it, but the story itself is a fantasy. Much of it is told in symbolic language, and we do not advocate you take any actions based on the story we are telling you. If you feel the urge to write a creepy email to us about how you have come across zombies or empty puppet people in the world and fantasize about taking action against them, please seek help, and above all, stop writing creepy emails. Please don't ever hurt anyone-- living, dead, undead, or other-- based on what we do here. That is not our intent. We can't stop that from happening, nor do we take responsibility for anyone unstable enough to act on our mythology, but we can ask nicely.

We hope you enjoy our story. We all do. The scripts are written from the first volume to the last, and have been for years, so while we always appreciate feedback, please keep in mind that we are not taking suggestions about how the story might change. Ben is on his path and he will follow it to its end. There are times we may test your faith in us, but those who do have faith in us will very likely find it redeemed.

Welcome, and enjoy.

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